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ANTAIRA TECHNOLOGIES INC., Промышленная коммуникация

ANTAIRA TECHNOLOGIES INC., Промышленная коммуникация

Industrial Ethernet

Our line of Lanolinx Industrial Ethernet Switches have been designed to meet the demanding specifications of the industrial automation and transportation markets.

Media Converters

Our line of Optolinx media converts include stand alone converters, 19” rack mounted converters and DIN Rail mountable Industrial converters.

Industrial Wireless

Our Industrial Wireless Products allow you to wirelessly connect to your serial devices and Wi-Fi Networks easily.

Serial to Ethernet

Our Serial to Ethernet products provides RS-232/422/485 to Ethernet conversion. We offer 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 port Serial to Ethernet Device Servers.

Multiport Serial Cards

Our Multiport Serial Cards provides RS-232/422/485, and PCMCIA Serial Connection ports on your system for industrial communication and automation applications.

PCI Express Cards

Our PCI Express product line is currently the most complete line available in the market , and the most reliable product line for industrial communication.

Serial Converters

Our line of Serial Converters allows you to continue to use your existing RS-232/422/485 devices while providing media conversion to allow for longer distance communication.

Industrial USB

Need extra COM ports? Look to our USB to Serial Servers and Expansion Cards for the solution.

Embedded Computer

Our line of Embedded Computers features pre-built Linux Kernels and file systems to get you started quickly.

Power Supplies

Antaira Technologies carries a variety of power supplies that will fit your industrial networking needs. We carry a full line of DIN-Rail mountable power supplies.

Power over Ethernet

Our line of Lanolinx and Optolinx Power over Ethernet (PoE) proudcts include Ethernet Switches, Fiber Media Converters, and Repeaters.

SFP Modules

Our line of SFP (Mini-GBIC) Tranceiver Modules offer a variety of options for your fiber needs. We offer different Fiber types and distance to suite your Fiber requirements.